About Us

Tertium is a privatly owned company. The 3 shareholders work close together for over 25 years and have a background in technical and media market. They have a passion for developing companies and creating a safe environment is key. Next to the commercial business Tertium shareholders also have developed non commercial activities. Giving back is one of the basic principles.

Tertium’s primary and long term goal is to support our operating companies and invest in activities to the mutual benefit of our stakeholders around the world. For further growth we always look at new projects, new concepts and new business ideas.


Growth pillars

  • Expand and guard our existing communities – build new communities
  • Focus on global niches
  • Investing in new technology
  • Building large, must-attend annual events and small high-end events
  • Focus on high quality – Content is King – Rich content with high added value
  • Expand with global brands – develop local markets
  • Spread risk: brands, geographical, products
  • Focusand fostering our entrepreneurial culture
  • Strong cash flows to fund strategic acquisitions and investments

Donald Wiedemeyer

Chairman of the Executive Board

Willy van der Hoeven

Chief Financial Officer

Sjef Roymans

Chief Content Officer